Località S. Zeno, 63/E
52100 Arezzo (AR)

  0575 959512

Founded in Arezzo in 2000, Safimet has been providing its managerial experience for over 20 years, first in the goldsmith, electronics and electroplating sectors, later expanding into the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Over the years it has become an international company, Safimet is recognized for reliabilityspeed and high quality services.

In November 2022 Safimet changed its legal form and became a Società Benefit formally establishing a path made of environmental and social responsibility and ethical commitment.

The Benefit Corporation is an evolution of the concept of a company that integrates into its corporate purpose, in addition to profit objectives, the aim of having a positive impact on society and the planet.

Safimet’s primary objectives are industrial growth through the constant development of professional and human skills, and environmental sustainability, achieved thanks to the latest generation technologies dedicated to limiting emissions.

In the Analysis and Research and Development Laboratories, classical methods are used together with new instrumental systems, which allow precise analyzes of precious metals to be carried out. The strict control measures also allow our operators to work in total safety.

In 2014 the company consolidated its national presence with the inauguration of the new plant in Sandrigo (Vicenza).

The growing opportunities offered by the French industrial waste market in the chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating and goldsmithing sectors led the company to open, in 2015, its first foreign office: Safimet France, based in Lyon. The use of local staff has therefore made it possible to more efficiently satisfy requests for the recovery and refining of precious metals and for the sale of galvanic salts from this market, as well as increasing the corporate prestige at an international level.

The growth of the company then continued in 2017, with the opening of the new modern headquarters in Arezzo equipped with the most innovative technologies.

In 2018, Safimet also confirmed its presence in Brazil, a country rich in opportunities for the recovery of mineral gold and precious metals from chemical and pharmaceutical catalysts. Safimet Brasil was created with the aim of locally managing the increase in requests received, to select and evaluate the possibilities of implementation and development.