L.A.V. S.r.l.

Via Nuova Circonvallazione, 57/D
47923 Rimini (RN)



  +39 0541 777213

Chemical and microbiological analyses in the food and environment sectors

L.A.V. s.r.l. has been operating since 1982 carrying chemical and microbiological analyses in the food and environment sectors. The Company was established from the combination of professional skills and experiences from different fields but complementary to one another

Since then our Laboratory has developed  integrated environmental monitoring activities and technical and legal consultancies to respond to the public opinion’s and legislator’s increasing interest in health and in the environment.

Through continuous investments in new technologies, training and collaborations with research centres, we are constantly updating our services to be abreast of legislative evolutions and the needs of our customers.

Currently the Company has a broad offer, integrated with a constant and qualified technical support that allows us to position our services amongst the best on the market in terms of quality/price ratio.

The  monitoring and analyses activities performed by the Laboratory, are preceded by the necessary assistance to improve our offers, which are followed by consultancies on the data provided.

The Company’s experts are chemists, engineers, biologists, naturalists, industrial technicians that tackle increasingly complex matters, operating in synergy to provide monitoring and analyses services and consultancies in the environment, hygiene, safety at work and food hygiene sectors.