OFFICINA 2000 S.r.l.

  Via Piave, 6
57013 Rosignano Solvay (LI)


Officina 2000 deals mainly with industrial plants maintenance, It manufactures mechanical components and bicarbonate mills .
Our enterprise was started in 2000 following a joint venture established between Solvay Chimica and O.M.P. , a company experienced in high precision machining .

Officina 2000 has been able to match all the know-how and skills learned over the years from Solvay mechanical workshop personnel, with an opportunity to use new up to date mechanical devices and O.M.P.’s expertise in turbomachines.
Our main office is located within the area of the Rosignano Solvay plant, a 5000 m2 building, with 70 employees.

The workshop is made up of 3 departments : machine tools , repair work and metal fabrication.

Officina 2000 has two other subsidiaries in Ponteginori (PI) and S.Carlo (LI).

Our main workshop has an accounting and administration centre , a buying office, planning office, a technical team operating on factory plants and the building mills division.
Our skills comprise maintenance of strategic machines : turbines, compressors, centrifugals, pumps, reducers, predictive analysis regarding the functioning state of operating machines : check vibrations, SPM, revolving balancing.

We also perform CND ( non destructive controls ), ultrasoundsa, magnetics, and dye penetrant inspections.