Via Donatello, 8
10071 Borgaro Torino


Since 1958, flocking, coating, laminating equipment

AIGLE began its activities in 1958 building machinery for the flocking of each type of application. During its first decade, AIGLE contributed greatly in developing the technology of flocking, with particular reference to its application in the textile industry. In 1968, AIGLE began undertaking the production of coating and lamination machinery which was considered as natural evolution from the previous products.

Today, after more than 50 years of design, AIGLE produce and sell its machines worldwide. AIGLE can definitely be considered as a partner for the development of new projects, through the provision of solutions for customers who require elements of customisation and specific technical requirements.

All the plants and the machines are designed and produced in AIGLE’s factory which is located in Borgaro Torinese, Italy.

AIGLE’s organisation consists of:
– An engineering department for mechanic, electric, pneumatic, thermic and hydraulic design, which is fully equipped for the industrial design of the plants and machinery with a 3D CAD system.
– A production department equipped with modern tools and instruments along with a prestigious carpentry sub-section.
– An electric/electronic department for studying and creating the control panels and PLC programming required per each plant (they also provide a manual for the wiring).
– Technical and technological assistance for erecting and commissioning the equipment as this is considered a crucial part in the selling process of AIGLE’s industrial culture.