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Gas solubility and diffusivity

CPTM realized an experimental set-up that allows to perform gas solubility measurements in low-volatile solvents.

The set-up is made up of two stainless steel cells, a gas feeding system, a solvent stirring system, and a temperature conditioning system, and is equipped with a vacuum pump and temperature and pressure sensors with extremely high precision.

Measures can be performed in a really large range of operating conditions, with temperature ranging from -20°C up to more than 100°C and pressures from high vacuum (1 mbar) up to 60 bar.

Moreover, the set-up allows to measure gas diffusivity in solvents, through the technique called “pressure decay”: by using a mathematical model and starting from the data of pressure decay in the diffusion cell, we can calculate with high precision the value of diffusivity of the gas absorbed into the stagnant solvent.

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