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Portable flowmeter

Produced by GE Sensing, the Panametrics TransPort PT878 flowmeter allows to measure liquid flowrate in pipes with diameter from ½” a 24” (12-600 mm) realized in practically all materials (aluminium, copper, brass, glass, plastic, steel, metal alloys…). The measure does not require any access to the pipe, can be conducted on highly corroded pipelines and do not require to remove the insulation.

The ultrasonic technology allows to measure the flowrate simply applying the instrument to the pipe outer surface. All acoustically conductive fluids can be measured (both clean liquids and liquids containing suspended solids or gas bubbles).

The instrument allows also to record the temperature variation in the pipe, for instance before and after a device to calculate the energy consumption or the thermal exchange efficiency.

The instrument also allows to measure the pipe thickness.

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