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Photocatalytic titanium dioxide

In order to decrease environmental pollution, several researches have recently started for the development of innovative processes and technologies capable of purifying industrial or vehicular polluting emissions, by using exclusively solar energy, which is a completely renewable and clean energy source.

The objective of the experimentation, carried on by CPTM and financed by a joint venture among a titanium dioxide manufacturer (Huntsman Tioxide Europe srl), a cement manufacturer (Holcim Italia spa), and a self-locking blocks manufacturer (Unibloc srl),was to develop new photocatalytic materials based on titanium dioxide to be used in the construction industry.

  • Formulation of photocatalytic additives for cement-based products.
  • Design and realization of the experimental set-up for the testing of the capacity of a photocatalytic material to abate the content of nitrogen oxides in air, in agreement with the standard UNI 11247:2010 (derived from the proposal U87003040).
  • Realization of the square in front of CPTM headquarters with concrete self-locking blocks produced by Unibloc with concrete from Holcim, with the addition of Huntsman Tioxide  TiO2. This product was developed  during the research.

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