Open call for a free assessment of the feasibility of creation of an industrial symbiosis

Consorzio Polo Tecnologico Magona participates to the Horizon2020 project ULTIMATE: indUstry water-utiLiTy symbIosis for a sMarter wATer society.

Industrial symbiosis is the process in which wastes or by‐products of an industry or industrial process become the raw materials for another. Water Smart Industrial Symbiosis (WSIS) is a particular type of symbiosis in which water/wastewater plays a key role both as a reusable resource but also as a source for energy and materials to be extracted, treated, stored and reused.

The starting point for establishing any industrial symbiosis, including WSIS, is awareness of the possibilities. What are the resource and waste streams in your industry or at your site? What are the possibilities and who are the right partners for a symbiosis? The ULTIMATE project offers support in taking this first step. Our offer – to perform a feasibility study for WSIS at selected industrial sites.

An invitation for this open call as well as the application procedure are available from please consider this free opportunity for your company before 28 February 2023!