Incubator / Services

Our mission is to support new enterprises, with dedicated areas and services.
If you have a good idea, and you would like to try it, we can give you all the support you need, with free business planning, and the opportunity to cover up to 100% of the costs for the first 18 months.

5 good reasons

1. Complete service system at favored prices
2. Favored access to regional financing
3. Constant and customized help
4. Solid relation network with companies and agencies
5. Excellency competency and modern research equipment





CPTM can supply to business companies several kinds of services, directly or through the network of collaborating Service Centres and Research Centres.

For more information about the available services, please contact CPTM.


Relativamente alla diffusione dei risultati del progetto Oliva Plus il presente sito è stato realizzato grazie al contributo della Regione Toscana.
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