Pilot Plants

The development of a chemical process involves phases of information research and acquisition and phases of elaboration of the gathered information. The experimental activity is often a fundamental step in this path. 


CPTM carries out experimental activities from the lab-scale to the pilot-scale: the assessment and elaboration of experimental data gathered from the scale-up is central and fundamental, even from the economic point of view, in the development of an industrial process.


CPTM is able to design, realize, test, and manage pilot plants of all kinds and sizes, thanks to the availability of industrial utilities in its laboratories.


By way of example, several pilot plants realized in the past by CPTM, and still available for future projects, are reported.


Fume treatment plant
Fume treatment plant (absorption columns)
Fume treatment plant (bag filter)
Pressurized plant for the qualification of catalysts and silica gel
Radiofrequency treatment of oils
Gas/liquid separation column
Steam treatment plant
Pressurized gas/liquid separation test
Membranes for hydrogen separation
Regenerative thermal oxidizer on skid
Vacuum concentrator/evaporator/crystallizer
Column for oils oxidation
Jet mill micronizer
Pressurized gas/liquid separation test
Sistema abbattimenti effluenti inquinanti
Skid-mounted pilot plant for the geothermal steam treatment
Pilot plant for the enhancement of agri-food waste for the production of olive oil with increased nutraceutical value


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